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Decorating with Wall Clocks

Date Added: October 22, 2008 01:34:56 AM
Category: Interior: Decorating
In the past few years, there has been a change in decorating trends. With larger homes, open areas, the importance of patios and decks, a search for a sophisticated look, wall clocks have gone from the practical and functional to serving as a decorative asset in many decors. Choosing a Style:Depending on the size of the intended area, a customer can choose round or square wall clocks, small, medium, large, or oversized decorative wall art clocks. Clever and eye-catching wall clocks of many shapes and designs can bring a new dimension to your home or office. A room can be lit up with a colorful wall clock: silver, black, red, white, gold, bronze, copper, or antiqued. When searching for a wall clock, a customer can choose a classy and inexpensive or reasonably priced wall clock which can enhance a room or office. Regardless of the decorating style, a wall clock can be the focal point. If a nostalgic atmosphere is desired, a retro or antiqued wall clock may be helpful. If modern is the look, there are wall clocks from funky to classic. A choice of themed wall clocks may include floral, nautical, beach and clever kitchen wall clocks. Also the patio and /or deck can be embellished with a high quality outdoor wall clock complete with a weather station. A sense of pride will result as a quality wall clock is chosen from the large variety of wall clocks available to the customer. Wall Clock Operation:Most clocks today are quartz and battery operated, but some can be radio controlled or atomic. The radio controlled and atomic clock both display the correct time down to the exact second, changing automatically from standard time to daylight savings time and back again. However, the radio clock is controlled by a radio inside the clock whereas the atomic clock has an atomic oscillator receiving a signal from where an atomic clock is located. The radio controlled clock receives a low frequency signal from a radio station located near Fr. Collins, Colorado. Wall Clock Compositions:Materials from which clocks are made include: glass, tile, wood, metal, resin, and MDF board. Resin can be either natural, from plants, or synthetic, commonly known as poly resin by combining chemicals in a laboratory. MDF board is a type of fiberboard made from any type of wood materials, refined into fibers and reconstituted with a resin binder (glue).Wall clocks will continue to be an important part of decorating décor. Browse for an interesting or charming wall clock at an affordable price at
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