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Bedroom Furniture Ideas and Decor

Ideally, bedroom is reflection of one’s personality. Because it is one of private spaces, owners should furnish it according to their taste.

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Making the Most out of Small Spaces

We don’t all have the money to knock down a wall simply to make a room bigger. Why not do the next best thing? Redesign your small space to make it appear larger.

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Home Design Strategies: Five Ways to Make A Small Room Look Larger

Most of us have a room or area in our home that we wish were larger. There are some simple steps you can take to create a feeling of more space and function for the room.

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Spice Up Your Interior

Creating exotic island flair in a northern climate. Its not that difficult to add a touch of the exotic warm islands to most homes, just make sure that you don’t over do it and make sure that it is tasteful.

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Decorating with Wall Clocks

Clever eye-catching wall clocks of many shapes, designs, color and size can bring a new dimension to your home, office or outdoor areas. Wall clocks can be the focal point for a nostalgic atmosphere, a modern look, a retro style or themed area.

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An Easy Living Room Interior Decorating Plan

When you are into redecorating and making your home look nice, you probably love to change your living room interior decorating theme often. To make this easier, it is important to have a simple plan to follow each time you feel like changing everything around.

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To DropShip or Not to DropShip...

Customer after customer calling with complaints including: "I ordered 3 phones and only got 1!", "My phone is broken!", "Where is my phone, its been 2 weeks since I paid!". The drop shipper stopped returning her calls.

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